available on dvd

Mr. Frenhofer and the Minotaur w/ Sidney
The Lead Shoes – Peterson
Howard Street w/ David Myers
Blunden Harbor w/ Robert Gardner
Dances of the Kwakiutl w/ Robert Gardner
Mark Tobey – Artist
The Bridge (Golden Gate)
Trans Mountain Pipeline “Oil Across the Rockies”
Libyan Pipeline #9-18: for Bechtel Corp
Dresden Nuclear Power Plant
“Oil Across the Alps” Italy to Germany
West Coast Transmission: Edmonton to Vancouver
Southern Argentina Pipeline “Rio Callegos”
Phalaborwa: So. Africa Copper Smelter
“Aquas Claras:” Copper Mine in Brazil
“Iron Ore from Cerro Bolivar” (Brazil, Venezula, Columbia)
“El Teniente” (Chile Coppermine)
Bouganville Copper Project
Warm Springs Dam w/ Dave Perry and Ira Jackinis
The Ertsberg (Copper project in Irian Jaya)
Gunung Bijuh Timor (Ore Mt. East Irian Jaya)
Alabamas Ghost feature film w/ Director Fred Hobbs
The God Monster of Indian Flats w/ Director Fred Hobbs
Pomo Shaman (The Sucking Doctor)
Chiskale – The Beautiful Tree
Stone Tools (American Indian Series: UC Berkley)
Uukussiggsett (Dog Sled Race in Greenland)
Beauty for Ashes (Rebuilding Churches in the south with Quakers)
Voyage of the Phoenix (N. Vietnam)
Traditional Dances of Indonesia (12 films)
The Return of the Nene(Hawaii)
Waitangirua: New Zealand Fly Fishing
Voyage to Plengkung (Surfing in Indonesia)
Taiwan: The Other China (4 – 1-hr shows for PBS)